Beat from the Heart

It is an initiative that comes from the need of organizing and generating collective and artistic actions with social impact, starting from the heart with the same heartbeat and the same vision...

We believe in art as a medium to change the world by promoting projects focused on improving the quality of life for children’s, the welfare of communities in reserves, towns, ethnic groups and others.

To handle humanitarian aid, to promote and consolidate the traditions of the original peoples. Project plans for vulnerable people in a state of vulnerability with priority given to children and teenagers, disabled, women heads of household, people displaced by violence and older adults.

To promote and manage International Cooperation for sustainable human development, to show ways of life that society refuses to see, such as collective knowledge, solidarity, and an identity that must be respected

we want to organize a crowdfunding via streaming of different crews around the world the idea is to develop it in one or two days 13-14 June 2020

Funds in Europe will go to the foundation's paypal account and in South America directly to their savings account.

All incoming money is controlled by the foundation manager and everything done with the money will be documented




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